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  2. Eddie Murphy at the ‘Purple Rain’ premiere when asked what he thought about the film | July 27 ‘84

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    Black ABC’s

    love all of this.

    I love us.

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    Blood on the leaves -Yeezus

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    I saw this commercial twice earlier this week and thought the little girl was just beyond cute, and the dad’s confused little call out to his wife beyond hilarious.

    I did not for a SECOND think this was in any way groundbreaking or controversial - until it’s all over the news today here in the U.S. that ‘conservatives’, a label which seems to translate into ‘racist batshit crazy people’ lately, feel that America is ‘not ready’ for a commercial with an interracial family. Just, WHAT?

    Here’s the thing, just please GO AWAY.

    Stop pretending you represent the predominant sentiment of this country when you spew your backwards moronic bullshit.

    Stop trying to take us back to the 1960s - no one but a few of your narrow minded comrades want to regress with you.

    Stop assuming that you occupy a credible platform from which to speak on what ‘should’ happen in our culture/country. Again .. no one gives a shit what you think when you offer no legitimate justification for your position other than a hatred for brown people.

    Just, stop. Brown people are not going anywhere. They are going to fall in love with people who look like you …and those people are going to love them back…..they will procreate and produce more children who look like that little girl ….and that generation of caramel colored people will make decisions about what happens to you in your nursing home.

    This country is more than ready to see an interracial family in commercials. That interracial family ‘IS’ this country now so it only make sense that they see themselves on T.V. - which is why Cheerios used them to sell their product, you dumb shits.


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